Saturday, October 2, 2010 to Wednesday, September 21, 2011
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Project Summary / Abstract: 

Description:This project is implementing the Year 3 Activities of the Coral Triangle Support Programme (CTSP) in Solomon Islands. The main activity is the development and trialing of a Vulnerability & Adaptation (V & A) Assessment for use in rural communities in Solomon Islands especially as part of community based resource management (CBRM).  Aim: To develop a V & A Assessment tool as part of CBRM that will be adopted by National/ Provincial governments for use in communities. Objectives: • To develop a national strategy and framework for CBRM using GERUSA as a model site and using lessons from GERUSA begin a phased implementation in priority provinces at the community, province and national level
• To design and develop capacity building and institutional support strategy for CBRM at community, province and national level and develop appropriate training guides and materials to support CBRM nationally
• To undertake provincial and community level rapid climate change vulnerability and adaptation assessment in priority provinces and GERUSA integration site
• To identify appropriate community level adaptation strategies in communities in priority provinces (train WWF staff to undertake in Gizo integration site) and implement at GERUSA integration site .